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1) Photographs of a General Artistic Nature (Continues at #9, below.)


Flickr Albums

(Note:  Clicking on any photo album brings you to all albums)

2) My 2009 Venice - Cortina d'Ampezzo Trip 

3) My 2010 Venice Trip 

4) My 2011 Venice Trip 

5) My 2014 Venice Trip

6) My 2016 Italy Car Trip: Bari, Castel del Monte, I Sassi di Matera, Pietrapertosa, San Fele, Positano and Pompeii

7) My 2018 Trip to Naples, Capri, Ischia, Potenza and Anzi

8) My 2019 Verona Trip  ---  And my Verona Video


Nowever Art and Photo Albums 

9) General Photographs (And Other Things)

These continue from "Photographs of a General Artistic Nature," above. Contains straight photos, altered images, and a number of other techniques based on my photos, art-type photo-like constructions. and PL-altered altered vintage ones.

10) Venice (And Other Italy) Transformation Photographs 

Some of these will be part of future  exhibitions. Most have been transformed on the computer; a few are almost natural, taking advantage of Venice's reflections and textures. (For a large selection of Venice natural reflections and textures see the "Flickr" albums, above.) Other Italian places are noted in the Index.

11) My Retro-Style Photos

Old and worn-looking photos are a new passion of mine. It just makes sense! Note that I don't usually update this section becasue there are a great many "retro" images throughout my website.

12) "Figure Studies" and Figure Transformations

Human figures, some transformed from antique "French postcards" (i.e., nudes) and some (in a similar risque spirit) made completely on the computer using various programs.

13) Fun With Self-Portraits

 A kind of casual reflexive diversion that I don't do much anymore. A bit silly, but I like some of the images.

14) Recreational Designs

Interesting designs I come up with every so often.

15) "Converted Strangers" and Things

People (and sometimes things) that get incidentally photographed in the background or near a main subject. The new, accidental subject is then enlarged and transformed. (These are mostly quick recreational diversions.) I occasionally add a few more, but not too often these days.

16) Miscellaneous Images

This is a place for things that I can't seem to categorize. Maybe new categories will come from it. (There seems to be a lot of portraits to start off with.)

17) Movies and Animations

Little things I put together. I kept them small for easy loading (in the days when the Internet was real slow).

18) Eadweard Muybridge's Antique Photo Sequences Animated and Transformed

The dead come back to life in various ways! Pretty "weard."

A Few Selections:

1) Saudade and Sehnsucht

2) Interview With Me About The Nature Of "Nowever Then" (Considerations Which Lead To Stunning Philosophic Consequences) (PDF)

3) The First Chapter (92 pages) of "My Town," part of my completed 800-page prose poem novel. (A small portion of this chapter was previously published in "Under a Gull's Wing," a book of New Jersey poetry. Down the Shore Publishing, 1996.) (PDF) (NEW)

4) "At Home in the Italian Alps" or Where I Am Living At Present. Highly illustrated. (PDF)

5) On Film: Beulah Bondi. (Think Jimmy Stewart's "Mother")

6) Peter's Pensčes and Recollections

For some original published writings on Asbury history see Asbury Index.


Fascinating Notes:

1) The Greatest Writer You May Never Have Heard of

Wherein I finally play something "publically." Click on the guitar.


1) Curiously Funny Headlines (Some antique, accidental finds)

2) Meet a real fun guy from New Jersey!

3) Meet my cousin Judy's savage cat "Middy."

Nowever Then Laboratories:

Go to Nowever Then Laboratories.

More Music:

Hear the Nowever Then Theme 784KB (Speakers recommended)

In MP3 format. I composed this in the late 1970s for classical guitar.I later orchestrated it for computer instruments. Too bad the quality isn't great (and I don't feel like re-doing it).

Time Travel:

Who is this mysterious Jersey Shore resident?

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You must visit the intriguing website of my fascinating friend Frank Bender (6-16-41 to 7-28-11), the groundbreaking forensic artist. His creative work employs many different media.

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